Eric Bouvier Architecture Photographer

Premium Quality Images for the Real Estate Industry

When calling upon our services, you know you are going to get the best pictures you need for evidencing the quality of your projects.

We use the latest shooting, lighting and post production techniques to guarantee the best results depending on your specific needs.

Special projects requiring specific lighting set-ups are also within your reach when needed thanks to collaborations with renowned expert photographers we can trust for achieving the best results.

Photography is a medium using light as a grammar

When starting photography as an amateur photographer in 1990, I discovered the way the image sometimes purifies the instant.
My evolution in photography led me to an attraction towards forms and concept and, naturally, over the years, I developed an addiction to architecture and urban landscapes, as well as the rendering of cultural heritage.
The way space is filled with art and architecture says a lot about a period, a culture, a way of life, a possible devotion to the achievement of social welfare.
This dedication to the representation of architectural concepts led me to work for demanding clients in order to deliver quality images in architecture, as well as design and studio photography. The quality chain encompasses the process from shooting to pre-press post-treatment and print jobs.


The portfolio reflects the work of recent years in digital photography encompassing most of my favorites in the fields of architecture, heritage, urban landscapes, interior design.
It will be fed with future developments in similar fields as well as new experiences.